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Polivolt electrical conduit PVC

In 1948 Pipelife first introduced in Europe a plastic conduit called Polivolt. Since then Pipelife has build itself a reputation as an innovative and standard-supplier.
With LF Polivolt, Flexivolt LF and now the Polvalit VSV-LF, the tubes with a special Low Friction lining, the trend is again put.

For the distribution of the electrical installation products in the Netherlands, Pipelife uses the services of electrical wholesalers.

To the installer it is a comforting thought that over more than 200 locations in the Netherlands have a familiar range of Pipelife products in stock.

This range consists high quality pipe materials and fittings for electrical installations in various plastics such as PVC, Increased impact-resistant PVC and Noryl. Both smooth (rigid) and flexible in implementation. Virtually all products for Electro Installation industry is KEMA-label applied. These materials are used in residential construction and in the utility sector.

Obviously, international markets for our products meet the necessary requirements and standards, including ISO, IEC / EN, VDE, DIN, and CEBEC ÖVE.