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SpaRc Infiltration Box / Stormbox

The StormBox is an innovative new product from Pipelife, which is highly suitable for infiltration and the storage of rainwater.

In The Netherlands it is known under the name: SpaRc.

SpaRc in a complete system of infiltration, filtering and draining.
Using the Sparc infiltration system groundwater can be kept at an acceptable level. Increasing waterlevels can be transported to a place where it does not preclude.
Prevent overloading of the existing sewerage and sanitation systems can do what they are for: Cleaning of dirty water.
A very succesful product to temporarily store water is our Stormbox. The infiltration box is very strong by its unique stackability it creates an unprecedented strong and stable construction!

Already many projects have been realised  in The Netherlands, Poland and Ireland.

  • Low weight, easy to handle
  • Modulair systeem
  • Flexible configuration, box is able to be splitted
  • Horozintal and vertical inspection possible
  • Horizontal and vertical cleanable
  • Low height of 300mm, especialy ideal by high waterlevels.
  • Flexibel connections, 110/125/160/200
  • Prefab packets with geotextile available

SpaRc Infiltration Box